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We sell the same listings that we use for our own internal large-scale projects, this ensures the highest quality output.

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Our entire process from start to finish is backed by several years of hands on experience in the GMB industry.

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We provide affordable options for everyone, whether you need a single listing or 10,000 of them.

The GMB Kings Difference

We’ve been creating GMB listings at scale for over 3.5 years. We’ve been through all of the updates Google has rolled out, and survived them all. Although the process changes, the outcome is always the same – mass listings generating the best possible quality leads.


We own tens of thousands of listings ourselves and supply the largest companies in this space. Work with us with confidence.

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We provide a seamless end to end process for purchasing GMB listings through our portal. You can track your orders, receive updates and access immediate high-level support – every step of the way.


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We Provide Verification Services For All Industries

Despite the many changes and updates by Google over the past 24 months, we are still able to provide listings in all of the popular hard difficulty industries anywhere around the world.

We're also able to provide mass scale listing verification's for any location, for any industry. Our ability to provide individual as well as bulk orders is one of the reasons why we provide the best service on the market. Try us out with a small order and come back for more.

A. Cohen

Los Angeles

We have consistently ordered 500-1000 listings per month with GMB Kings and seen great long term stability with them. They index quickly and rank very well before we touch them. No categories are too hard and we're always happy with the special pricing. Thanks for the great service! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐